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  • Podocarpus Totara - Totara - Very durable (Class 1=H4), perfect for landscaping sleepers, joinery, weatherboards, picture framing or carving.
  • Podocarpus spitacus/Prumnopitys Taxifolia - Matai - Light brown timber combining durability with an even texture & stability common in many villas and bungalows for flooring.

  • Agathis australis - Kauri - New Zealand's most revered timber, it has a light honey colour and is most commonly used for flooring.
  • Dacrydium Cupressinum - Rimu- recovered from rivers, both clean and stained for furniture, flooring and joinery.

  • Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana - Port Orford Cedar (Lawsons Cyprus) - A durable, stable, lightweight, high tensile lemon scented softwood. 
  • Cupressus Macrocarpa - Macrocapa - Versatile uses where hardness is not a requirement, one of the most naturally durable exotic softwoods.

  • Thuja plicata -Western Red Cedar - Locally grown and graded for weatherboards and sarking.



  • E. Saligna (Sydney Blue Gum) - Hardwood with a warm reddish/brown colour. Special hard wearing premium timber for both in and outdoor use.
  • E. Fastigata (NZ Ash) - Select grade and Speckled ash grade with a light, honey colour. Good for multipurpose indoor use, flooring, stair casing and furniture.
  • E. Pilularis (Blackbutt) - Hardwood for indoor flooring, stair casing and specialist outdoor uses.
  • Ulmus Elm - Light to dark brown timber with a unique and distinctive grain. For interior use especially featured furniture and kitchens.

Others include: (subject to availability)

  • Tawa
  • Redwood
  • Blackwood
  • Black Maire
  • Eucalypts